Family Hair Braiding and Weaving Salon

Family Hair Braiding and Weaving Salon

OUR SERVICES We offer a wide selection of hair styles

Hair Braiding

Hair Braiding

A braid (also referred to as a plait) is a complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands of flexible material such as textile yarns, wire, or hair.

Sister Locks

Sister Locks

Sisterlocks are tiny uniform locks that are the result of a precision parting grid, and the use a specialized tool used to place the hair into its locking formation.

Hair weaving

Hair weaving

Hair weaving or sewing essentially means the addition of hair to cover baldness or adding hair to one's natural hair. The added hair can be human or synthetic.

Natural Hair and Blow out

Natural Hair and Blow out

Essentially, a blow out is just another name for blow drying your hair, we can take care of your basic Hair need.

About our Salon Come get a make over

Welcome to Family Hair Braiding. We take pride in the service we provide. We have Licensed cosmetologists on duty and provide a large variety of hair braiding styles and other hair related services . Our services include Hair Braiding, weaving, Sister-locks and more...

Family Hair Braiding and Weaving Salon is the finest Hair braiding salon serving the Houston, Sugarland, Richmond, Rosenberg area.
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Beauty of Having your Hair Braided The advantages of having braid hairstyle

The braid hairstyle comes with many benefits. The braids secure together the hair even if it can be found in different layers and which may make the hair too hard to be contained otherwise. The braids are also good for the children if you would like to keep their hair neat without making them every day. The style is the best choice for the adults who want to get the style which is easy to wear and easy to maintain. Even if some hair style can be hard to make and take time to be completed, when they are completed they will require you little effort to keep up and they last for long.

Our Price is Adjustable, due to the length, size and the density of your own hair

Cornrows Small Medium Big
Regular Cornrows Mini $100    
Medium $90 $80 $70
Feeding Cornrows   $120 $100 $80
Goddess Each $15    
Fish Braid Each $25    
Tree Braid/Interlock   $250 $200  

Regular Cornrows

Own Hair $85 $70 $60
Regular Cornrows $100 $85 $75
With Single or Twist in Front $120    
With Single or Twist in Front/back $140    
Mohawks Feeding Cornrows Feeding Cornrows $120 $95 $80
With single or Twist in Front $140    
With single or Twist In Front/Back $160    
Cornrows Own Hair     $50  
Cornrows Twists   $100 $80  
Crochet Single Price   $130  
Sister Locks



Starts $500 & up    
Wearing duration 4-6 Weeks

to Tighten

Faux Locks Shoulder Length    12”   $250 $220
In Between             14”   $270 $250
Bra                           16”   $300 $270
Gel Twists   $70 $60  
Locks Maintenance

Dread Locks

Above Neck $60    
Neck $70    
Shoulder $85    
Below Shoulder $95    
Bra $110    
Touch Up Shoulder                12”   $70  
In between            14”   $70  
Bra                          16”   $70  
In Between            18”   $70  
In Between            20”   $70  
Waist                      22”   $70  
Below Waist          24”   $70  
Single Braids   Small Medium Big
Individual Braid

Box Braid

Single Braids

Shoulder length   12” $180 $160 $150
In Between            14” $200 $180 $160
Bra              16” $220 $200 $180
Below Bra  18” $240 $220 $200
In Between 20” $250   $200
Waist 22” $270 $250 $220
Below Waist 24” $300 $270 $250
Micro Braid & Free Style

(half way)

Mini $250    
Medium $220 $180  
Big $200 $160 $150
All the way down Neck Length 6” $30    
Length 8” $40    
Invisible Braid Mini $250    
Medium $220 $180  
Big $200 $160 $150
Bob Braid Neck $180 $160 $150
Shoulder   12” $200 $180 $160
In between 14” $220 $200 $180
Pixie Braid Neck $180 $160 $150
Shoulder 12” $200 $180 $160
In Between 14” $220 $200 $180
Tree Braid Single/Lacing   $250 $200  
Partial Weave Sew in Single Price   $120  
Full Weave Single Price   $130  
Invisible Part Weave Single Price   $130  
Vixen Sew in Weave Single Price   $120  
Fusion Partial $250    
Full $350    
Others Micro   $50  
Take Down and Wash Individuals and Twists   $50  
Crochet   $30  
Cornrow  1 layer   $30  
Cornrow 2 layer   $40  
Weave   $25  
Tree Braid/Lacing   $50